AUG 7-10, 2014

Don’t miss attending with over 1000 of you colleagues!

This year we have a great list of speakers well known in their respective fields.

Still a great value for over 100 CE hours offered.

20 CE credits applied for Small Animal


Classes begin at 9:00 AM on Thursday, August 7th.


Make your plans to attend!



Ray Baas

DVM Consultants, New Orleans, LA

Sponsored by DVM Consultants and Capital Source Bank


Karin Beale, DVM, DACVD

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, Houston, TX

Sponsored by Virbac



Director of the Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory, Auburn University, College of Veterinary Medicine,

Auburn, AL

Sponsored by Nutramax


Vicki Byard, CVT, VTS (Dentistry)

President, PetED Veterinary Education and Training Resources, Willow Grove, PA

Sponsored by Zoetis


Dennis Chew, DVM, DACVIM

Professor-Emeritus, College of Veterinary Medicine, The Ohio State University

Sponsored by Royal Canin


Teresa DeFrancesco, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC

Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina University

Sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.


Katherine Dobbs, RVT, CVPM, PHR

InterFace Veterinary HR Systems, Appleton, WI

Sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition


Mark Epstein, DVM, DABVP (C/F), DAAPM, CVPP

Senior Partner and Medical Director of TotalBond Veterinary Hospitals and

Carolinas Animal Pain Management.  Charlotte, NC

Sponsored by Novartis


Valerie Fadok, DVM, PhD, DACVD

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, Houston, TX

Sponsored by Zoetis


Bert Gaddis, DVM, DACVD

Owner, Indian Springs Animal Clinic, Birmingham, AL

Sponsored by Patterson Veterinary


Joel Griffies, DVM, DACVD  

Senior Dermatologist at Animal Dermatology Clinic, Marietta, GA

Sponsored by Dechra


Peter Kintzer, DVM, DACVIM

Medical Affairs Marketing Manager, IDEXX, MA

Sponsored by IDEXX


Amber Labelle, DVM, MS, DACVO

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL

Sponsored by Akorn Pharmaceuticals



CEO and Founder of VetGirl, a subscription-based podcast service. Speaker of the year at NAVC(2011)

Sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance


Tasha McNerney, BS, CVT

O.R./Anesthesia Technician, Rau Animal Hospital, Glenside, PA

Sponsored by Zoetis


Mark Opperman, CVPM

Practice Management,

VMC-Inc., Evergreen, CO

Sponsored by Vetstreet, Inc.


Alan Rebar, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Purdue University Senior Associate Vice President for Research, Executive Director of Discovery Park at Purdue and Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pathology in the School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University

Sponsored by IDEXX Laboratories


Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB

Owner, Florida Veterinary Behavior Service, Stuart, West Palm Beach and Coral Springs, FL

Sponsored by Vetoquinol’


Elizabeth Rozanski, DVM, ACVIM, ACVECC

Associate Professor, Emergency and Critical Care, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine,

North Grafton, MA

Sponsored by Trudell Medical


Michael Schaer , DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC

Emeritus Professor, Adjunct Professor, Emergency and Critical Care Medicine,  University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, Gainesville, FL

Sponsored by Antech


Andrea Schultz, CVT

University of Florida, School of Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Department, Gainesville, FL


Larry Tilley, DVM, DACVIM

Founder of VetMed Consultants; Author, Manual of Canine and Feline Cardiology, Sante Fe, NM

Sponsored by 3M


Michael Tillson, DVM, MS, DACVS

Associate Professor, Small Animal Surgery, Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn, AL

Sponsored by Covidien


David Twedt, DVM, DACVIM 

 Professor of Clinical Sciences, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO

Sponsored by Nestle’ Purina


Cynthia Ward, VMD, PhD, DACVIM

Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine, Chief of Small Animal

Inpatient Medicine, Univ. of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine

Sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.


Heidi Ward, DVM, ACVIM

Gulfcoast Veterinary Oncology/Internal Medicine, Sarasota, FL

Sponsored by Abaxis


Mary Ann Vande Linde, DVM

Vande Linde and Associates, LLC

Sponsored by Care Credit


Robbie Van Mullem

Social Media and Online Marketing Consultant, Amite, LA

Sponsored by 3 Sided Media


Deb Zoran, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM

Associate Professor, Texas A&M, College Station, TX

Sponsored by P&G Pet Care


Equine Speakers


Esco Buff, PhD, APF, CF

Owner, Esco Buff’s Professional Farrier Service, LLC

Sponsored by Karwell, USA


Marian Little, DVM

Equine Professional Services, Boehringer- Ingelheim  Vetmedica, Inc.

Sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim Vetmedica, LLC


Allison Stewart, DVM, BVSc(hons), MS, DAVVECC

 Professor Equine Internal Medicine, Auburn University

Sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim Vetmedica, LLC